Application Configuration

The Application object is the base of an administration. There can be only one such object defined on a page.

// create an application instance
var admin = nga.application('My backend');
// configure it
// ...
// attach the application instance to the dom and run it
  • nga.application(title, debug) (factory method) Create a new Application instance. Debug is true by default; set it to false to speed up rendering a bit.

  • title() Defines the application title, displayed in the header

      var app = nga.application().title('My backend')
  • baseApiUrl() Defines the main API endpoint

      var app = nga.application().baseApiUrl('http://localhost:3000/')
  • debug() Enable or disable debug (enabled by default)

      var app = nga.application().debug(false)
  • header(string) Customize the application header. See the Theming doc for details.

  • menu(Menu) Customize the sidebar menu. See the Menu doc for details.

  • dashboard(Dashboard) Customize the dashboard, i.e. the admin home screen. See the Dashboard doc for details.

  • addEntity(Entity) Add an entity to the application. See Entity configuration.

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